Program Competencies

Relate how ICT affects global social transformation

Through the completion of the research paper for Media 701 ICT in Organizations, I was able to relate how ICT has affected and transformed society. My focus was on E-commerce and it’s effect on the way society shops today.

Information and Communication Technologies have influenced the way we interact with the
world today. E‐commerce is the part of ICT that deals with selling and purchasing of
products and services over the Internet. This is the main focus of this document, to try to
understand how companies and shoppers have had to adjust to this new technological era.
By discussing the social, economical, political, and global impacts that e‐commerce has
brought, we will be able to better understand its influences and how to successfully adapt
to it.

My recommendation for future users of this technology and the new forms of e-commerce that
are coming, is to have a good understanding of what your are doing before you jump in to it.
There is currently enough information available to make smart and safe decisions. Now that we
have access to new markets, we have more options and more risk. 


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Analyze current issues and trends in ICT

Through the completion of the research paper for Media 710 Learning Technologies, I was able to analyze current issues and trends in ICT. The focus of my research paper was the uses of cell phones in education. I analyzed the current issues and  advantages.

Cell phones play a very big part in today’s world, from business to education. This document is focused on the role that cellular phones are and what the future could hold for them.

The Use of Cellular Phones in Education
The use of cellular phones in education.
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Discuss the historical, philosophical, social, psychological, multicultural, and political influences of ICT on a global economy

Through the completion of this research paper I had the opportunity to review the history of ICT, it evolution, and how it has affected society. It has change our culture, and influenced our lives in different ways. The ways we make decisions in today's world is very different, we have instant access to information, allowing us to make better and more informed decisions.

Information and Communication Technologi
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Plan, evaluate, and revise ICT systems

The attached artifact is my final Project for TCS 702 Seminar in ICT. Finding the best practices for an e-business to be successful in today’s market is a the center of this project. E-business is a very important part of today’s economy. This research reviews some aspects of Electronic commerce, and will cover some of its success factors, processes, and best practices. These factors, processes, and practices are divided in 4 different groups; Internet, Marketing, Sales, and Service.


Successful E-businesses In Today’s World
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Evaluate and use ICTs appropriate to one's own career

The attached artifact, was a project completed for my project management class. It really had an impact in my career. during the time that I was taking the class we were implementing a new Computer system in my company, and as a Department manager I was responsible for this transition in my area.
by completing this project and this class I was  able to use Technology (Microsoft Projects)to help me manage my resources, help my staff with change management and was able to successfully complete this transition.

ProjectCharter_final group.pdf
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Analyze the philosophy and principles underlying the organization and operation of ICT enterprise.

Through the completion of this project, I studied the use of cellphones in education and I learned the positive and negative sides of its uses. During the research I also learned the many different uses that cellphones have. Cellphones have become a vital part of our daily lives and give us intant access to communicate with others through many different chanels (text, phone call, email, sms, video, etc). Cell phones also allow us to access all sorts of information like maps and directions, websites, and apps.

Cellphones will become an all in one tool, kind of like the pocket swiss knife. Cellphones will probably replace our wallets as all of our personal information is being recorded inside our phones. We will even be able to make payments at the grocery store with our cellphones. "It’ll be impossible to live any kind of mainstream life without a mobile. Banking, payments, shopping, access to your house and car – all will be via your virtual mobile" (Russell, 2009). With all the current applications and the advances in technology, cell phones will probably replace laptops, notebooks, books,etc.

This has created a whole new market with different opportunities for businesses.


The use of cellular phones in education.
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Interpret and conduct research to improve the body of knowledge relating to ICT

Through the completion of this project, I was able to conduct a survey to try to understand the way we currently use ICT and determine its most effective uses, specially for E-business. I wanted to understand how consumers are reacting to the different types of practices that e-business have when trying to market, sell, and service their products.


Successful E-business In Today's World
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